Energy storage for the future

Arvio Titan, the safest longest lasting batteries

Arvio's lithium-titanate battery modules are designed for the real world. Batteries are stress tested by simulating commercial-level daily energy demands. Then the boundaries of technology are pushed by cycling twelve times a day.

The results are impressive

After 14,000 cycles equivalent to 34 years of battery use there has been no degradation or loss of performance. And that’s how batteries should be. Providing reliable, safe energy on demand for decades to come.

Designed for the future

Out of the 5 million lithium batteries bought today, only 4% will last more than 7 years. It’s hard to expect a return on investment when the battery is dead only a few years in. Titan tough endurance batteries are build to outlast solar panels.

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Arvio Australia's Titan™ batteries

The energy storage
Revolution has begun

Arvio Australia’s Titan battery technology marks a pivotal moment in the energy storage revolution, and it’s here to stay. With exceptional lifespan and fast charging, these batteries redefine energy storage and use.

Lowest cost of energy.
Arvio batteries provide cost-effective energy production over their lifespan compared to other technologies, with an LCOE of under five cents per kWh.
Safety-first design.
Outstanding performance in very hot and cold environments. Cut, drill, impact, or penetrate these batteries and they’ll still work.
Very fast charge.
Unparalleled charging speed, Lithium titanate batteries offer speedy charging times, minimizing downtime and allowing quick and efficient energy replenishment.
Designed to last.
No performance loss after stress testing, and has an estimated 34 years of battery use.
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