Support agreement

If you don't have a maintenance agreement

You need to agree to the following terms and conditions before support can be provided.

  1. An initial support fee of $200.00 including GST. This can be rendered as either remote phone support or on site support and is inclusive of travel where required (within a 20km radius from our office) and the first hour on site. For distances greater than 20km the additional time will be charged at $100 including GST per hour.
  2. The initial support fee is due prior to work and support being provided.
  3. If the support or work takes longer than the first hour, you agree to allow Arvio to charge your credit card appropriately at the rate of $100 including GST per hour. This will include the time of additional works or site visits if agreed upon by the client after the initial assessment
  4. Use of additional material (i.e. new cabling / protection devices or inverters) will also carry an additional cost. Confirmation and agreement from the client will be required before the team carry out this service.

If you do

In the event that your system is covered by a maintenance agreement or is a warranty claim for a faulty part, the fees charged may vary or be included in your existing agreement.

If you believe that support should be provided within your existing agreement, please advise by reply along with supporting documentation.

Generally, warranty claims will still require a support fee be paid, where the goods may be covered under the manufacturers warranty terms.

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